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Noehren Hall


Noehren was constructed in 1967. It has thirteen houses, named after Greek gods. Noehren accommodates 320 women and 300 men.

Typical Room Dimensions

Room dimensions: 10' x 14' x 8'1"
Closet size: 2' x 4'
Bed size: 36.5" x 80" 
Other furnishings provided: Desks, dresser, sink
Lofts may be built, purchased or rented if the loft configuration is desired.

Music Learning Community:  The music learning community's  philosophy is to promote an understanding of music as a universal language.  The community will support students in their development of an appreciation of music in a culturally diverse world.  Students living in this community will participate in activities to prepare them for productive lives as teachers, performers, composers, scholars, and citizens.  First year students living this community will be enrolled in at least one academic course with their housemates in Artemis house.

New for Fall 2014

Biology Learning Community:  Our biology students are the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals, teachers and leaders. The Department of Biology has a unique program that offers students the opportunity to study a vast assortment of subjects: prairie plants and animals; ecology; biotechnology; the effects of herbicides and pesticides on human health; genetic diversity in various organisms; plant and animal morphology; animal and plant diseases; and aquatic to xicology. And these are but a sample! Students are mentored by award winning teaching faculty who are also nationally and internationally known for their scholarship.

Female Houses

House Room numbers Feature
Phaedra 100 - 133
Atalanta 234 - 265
Dione 300 - 333
Demeter 334 - 365 Biology LLC
Aphrodite 370 - 398
Niobe 434 - 465 Springboard LLC
Andromeda 470 - 498 Springboard LLC
Artemis 534 - 565 Music LLC
Athena 570 - 598

Male Houses

House Room numbers Feature
Dionysus/Palme 149 - 165
Apollo 200 - 233
Orion 270 - 298
Demeter 334 - 365 Biology LLC
Hercules 400 - 433 Springboard LLC
Niobe 434 - 465 Springboard LLC
Zeus 500 - 533
Artemis 534 - 565 Music LLC

Noehren Hall is located south of Hagemann Hall and west of Shull Hall.

Regular Hours: 

Building unlock hours: 7:00am - 9:00pm during the Academic Year
Hall office hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm from Monday - Friday during the Academic Year.
4:00pm - 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday during the Academic Year.

(319) 273-2229

Noehren Hall Office
2900 Hudson Road - Room #
Cedar Falls, IA 50613-6703

Noehren Hall Features

Living Learning Communities


Roxie Tucker Residence Life Coordinator
Dawn Hines Secretary