National Coming Out Day: October 11

Location: UNI campus
Date: October 11, 2010
Time: All Day

National Coming Out Day was founded in 1988 by Dr. Robert Eichberg, his partner William Gamble and Jean O'Leary; they picked October 11th because one year earlier, the second National March for Gay and Lesbian equality marched on Washington D.C. 500,000 people showed for that march, and so the three founders, working with their Gay and Lesbian rights organization, created this day in honor of all LGBT people. The purpose of this day is to create a safe dialogue about the coming-out stories of LGBT people. Over the years, it has been beneficial to wear gay pride symbols on this day such as rainbows on jewelry or clothing, pink triangle symbolizing gay men, and black triangle symbolizing lesbians.

In honor of this day,UNI student readings will happen throughout campus. Other activities will be announced as the date nears. Check back to this post, for it will be edited once the activities are ready to be announced!