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NISG Election Information - How to Vote

By: mojohn on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 21:00

Students, get your computers ready!  It's time to vote in the NISG General Election.  Ballots will be available starting at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, February 28 and will be open until 6:00 PM on Wednesday, February 29.  Vote online on your personal computer, or stop by the south side of Chats in Maucker Union between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday to vote.


To vote, go to MyUNIverse and login. 

Click the "Life at UNI" tab.  

Look for the box that says "Voting and Surveys".  

Click the icon to the right of the ballot name to get started.  Your ballot won't be available until the polls open Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM and won't be available after the polls close Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Each ballot is customized to your college; if you don't recieive the ballot you are expecting, contact NISG for more information.  At the top of the ballot, you'll see some instructions.  Be sure to read these before you start.  When you are finished, submit your ballot by clicking the "Next" button at the bottom the page.  Then click "Submit My Answers" to finalize your ballot.  Once you receive the thank you page, you know your ballot has been successfully submitted.  If you do not click that second button, your ballot will not be counted.  

If you have a second major and would like to vote in that election also, you may stop by the NISG office between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday to submit an absentee ballot like this one on the screen.  If you have any issues with the ballot system, contact NISG by e-mail at nisg [at] or by calling us at 319 273 2650.  Results will be announced in Maucker Union after all the ballots have been counted.  Results will also be posted online as soon as possible after the election.

Watch last year's video from NISG to learn more about the voting process.  Any questions can be directed to the NISG office - 319-273-2650 or

Events of the Week - 2/27 to 3/4

By: mojohn on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 08:59

Monday, February 27 - Jazz Combos Concert
7:30 PM - Russell Hall, Bengtson Auditorium
Under the direction of faculty artist Chris Merz and graduate student conductors, the School of Music will present a jazz combos concert.

Tuesday, February 29 - Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Face Processing
7:00 to 8:30 PM - University Museum
The human brain has evolved to efficiently process information related to race with same-race faces being processed differently than other-race faces. Dr. Kim MacLin and Dr. Otto MacLin, Professors of Psychology, UNI, will discuss how this differential processing affects recognition accuracy, memory, stereotypes, and prejudice in laboratory and real-world contexts. This program is presented in conjunction with the exhibit RACE: Are We So Different? on display at the University Museum February 6 through June 9.

Wednesday, February 29 - Andrew Bacevich: The US Military in the Post-9/11 World [Reaching for Higher Ground]
7:00 PM - Sabin Hall, Room 002

Andrew Bacevich, an expert on U.S. foreign policy and military affairs, talks about the forces that have shaped U.S. national security and the rise of a "perpetual war" that affects the economy, society and politics of the United States, and our place in the world. What is the proper role of the U.S. military in the world? Can terrorism be defeated militarily? Can the aspiration of unchallenged global dominance be sustained? A retired army colonel and professor at Boston University, Bacevich addresses these issues with a sense of realism and a historical perspective that challenges many common assumptions.

Thursday, March 1 - Torture and the Possibility of Community [Reaching for Higher Ground]
3:00 to 5:00 PM - Lang Hall, Auditorium

Prof. Marjorie Cohn, author of The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse (2011) and Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent (2009), will be speak on the problems of torture and the role it plays in destroying the possibility of world community. Cohn is professor of law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego and immediate past president of the National Lawyers Guild. She lectures throughout the world on international human rights and U.S. foreign policy.

Thursday, March 1 - The Future of the New Middle East
7:00 PM - Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center
In this eye opening talk, Reza Aslan, a world-renowned expert on the Middle East, talks about the historical and societal shifts in this part of the world. A new generation of youth are clamoring for their rights and freedoms -- and they drastically outnumber their elders. Seventy-five percent of the population of the Middle East is under the age of 35 and 50 percent is under the age of 25. The young, educated and politically motivated youth in places like Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and beyond have a new vision -- one that represents their values, not the values of the generation that preceded them. What motivates the Muslim youth of today? What will the new Middle East look like? How will these sudden regime changes affect the world's economic and political climate? Aslan unravels the complexities of the new Middle East and shows what the future holds for this part of the world.

Friday, March 2 - Taping of IPR's "River to River"
7:00 to 8:30 PM - Lang Hall, Auditorium

UNI will host a taping of Iowa Public Radio's show "River to River." The show will air the following Monday, March 5. Discussions will include the latest about the 2012 presidential election and Iowa's legislative priorities. Forum participants are Dennis Goldford of Drake University, James Q. Lynch of The Gazette, and Chris Larimer and Donna Hoffman of UNI. The public and students are invited to participate.

NISG is looking for your voice!

By: Adam Shannon on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 23:23

The Northern Iowa Student Government is gathering information in regards to recent statements about the future about the University in order to better educate the student body. If you would like to let us hear your voice feel free to email us at

Senate Agenda for the 22nd Regular Meeting

By: mojohn on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 19:20

I. Call to Order – 7:00 PM
II. Roll Call
III. Identification of the Press
IV. Student Forum and Announcements
V. Call for Changes to the Orders of the Day
VI. Approval of the Consent Agenda
     1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes
          a. 21st Regular Senate Meeting Minutes
     2. Approval of University Committee Appointments
          a. Senator Evan Cruise- Student Computing Advisory Committee
     3. Approval of Senate Standing Committee Appointments
     4. Approval of New Senators
VII. Say Hello to Lisa
VIII. Special Business
IX. Reports of the Executive Officers
     1. President Walrath
     2. Vice President Goldsmith
     3. Director of Administration and Finance Reed
     4. Director of Public Relations Johnson
     5. Director of Diversity and Student Life Mayberry-Mayes
     6. Director of Governmental Relations Greenway
     7. Chief of Staff Brueck
X. Reports of the Standing Committees
     1. Organization & Finance – Givens and Trampel
     2. Government & Legislative Affairs – Parker and Derringer
     3. Public Relations & Programming – Koss and Lunn
     4. Student Affairs – Konrardy and Findley
     5. External Relations –Bancroft-Smithe and Gibbs
XI. Report of the Speaker
XII. Old Business
     1. SSB 2012-42 New York Times Extended Funding
     2. SSB 2012-45 Honors Student Advisory Board
     3. SSB 2012-46 Relay for Life Weekend Stipend
     4. SSB 2012-47 UNI Textiles and Apparel Association
     5. SSB 2012-48 UNI BSU Bang
     6. SSB 2012-49 Black Male Leaders Union
     7. SSB 2012-50 UNI Psychology Clun and Geography Club
XIII. Non-Controversial Docket
XIV. Controversial Docket
XV. Adjournment

Candidates for 2012-13 NISG Election

By: mojohn on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 08:56

The following candidates completed their applicant petition and will appear on the ballot on MyUNIverse on Feburary 28 and 29. Be sure to educate yourself on the candidates and vote!

President and Vice President
Jordan Bancroft-Smithe and KaLeigh White
Trevor Monnier and Beth Monnier
Kyle Burns and Brendan Thompson

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 seats)
Andrew Miller
David Pope
Devin Davis
Eric Boisen
Jared Parker
Margaret Nervig

College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences (5 seats)
Jordan Wilmes
Blake Findley
Stacy Lynne Howes
Tucker Olson
Christina Johnson
Alicia Jessip
Connor Hudson Ave
Jordan Leckband

Graduate College (3 seats)
Vincent Chukwuemeka
Chase Felchle

College of Business Administration (3 seats)
Tyler Moran
Thomas Madsen

College of Education (3 seats)

Undecided/General Studies/Other (2 seats)