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Students participating in Ramps and Pathways at CEESTEM

Regents Center for Early Developmental Education

Now that you are familiar with Dr. Beth VanMeeteren, whose story we featured on Wednesday, let’s take a look at early childhood resources at UNI. The Regents Center for Early developmental Education and CEE STEM are full of...

Dr. Beth VanMeeteren

Beth VanMeeteren —Doing big things at UNI

The Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education on UNI’s campus is packed with opportunities for students and Iowa teachers. Beth VanMeeteren, Director of the Center and the Center for Early Education in STEM (CEESTEM) spoke with me about her background, her path to UNI, the Early...

Arctic Exhibit still on display in the Rod Library.

The Arctic and Iowa, Part II

ARCSES Laboratory at UNI
Did you know that UNI is home to the Arctic Social and Environmental Systems Research Laboratory (ARCSES), where faculty, staff, and students are provided the...

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