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The Spotlight Day Gallery provides UNI prreservice students with an opportunity to speak with K-12 students individually about their innovative projects.

Spotlight on STEM Day– Highlight of the Year

If this is the first time you are hearing about Spotlight Day, then you have been missing out! Spotlight Day is a 20+ year UNI tradition. Spotlight on...

2015 STEM JobsSM Approved College Logo


The University of Northern Iowa is named a 2015 STEM JobsSM Approved College by Schools are selected for this recognition based on their dedication and success in serving undergraduates STEM Majors.  The reviewers examined the depth and...

STEM Faculty and Staff tour the Textiles and Apparel Materials Testing Lab.

A Hidden Gem within UNI

I had the opportunity to explore the Textiles and Apparel (TAPP) program, here at the University of Northern Iowa, as part of the monthly STEM Chat. The first thing that came into my mind, and many...

Welcome to STEM@UNI

Welcome to the STEM at UNI website, portal to all things science, technology, engineering and mathematics related at the University of Nothern Iowa. Use the menu to the left to navigate. Many links will connect you to STEM content within other sections of the UNI website. Bookmark Please submit comments and suggestions through our contact page. 

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