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Cody Law, New Product Development Engineer, John Deere

Passion for learning

Cody Law was in high school then. He was part of the Upward Bound Math and Science Program at the University of Northern Iowa. There, he came to know about the UNI Science Symposium.
“I was informed that the symposium awarded scholarships in the fields of natural...

Paul Rael, Electrical Controls Engineer, TDS Automation

Never too late to go to school

Paul Rael’s decision to enroll in the Department of Technology at the University of Northern Iowa in 2000 for a bachelor’s degree in electromechanical systems must have been surprising — to his friends, colleagues, and family.
After all, he already had an...

Jason Van Clark, UNI Technology Department Alumni

A journey into the world of CAD and 3D Modeling

Jason Van Clark’s journey into the world of computer-aided design and three-dimensional modeling began by chance.
“I was choosing classes for my junior year [at high school] and needed one more class,” says Van Clark, now a senior...

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