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Transferring with Ease

Each year, hundreds of students transfer to the University of Northern Iowa to continue their education at this institution. In fact, this year alone, 978 students made the decision to transfer after previously completing coursework at a different college or university. In...

LSAMP programs in Iowa

Empowered to Write Their Story

Everybody has a story. The who they are, what they’re all about and where they’re going. Programs like LSAMP give some UNI students the chance to write a really great story about their life, and here’s how.

The Louis Stokes...

Kim Rathmell, 2015 Lecture series speaker.

Leland Wilson Lecture Series

Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Leland Wilson, a professor of chemistry, was selected as the first head of the University of Northern Iowa’s newly established Department of Chemistry. While he was head of the department, the American Chemical Society accredited the...

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Welcome to the STEM at UNI website, portal to all things science, technology, engineering and mathematics related at the University of Nothern Iowa. Use the menu to the left to navigate. Many links will connect you to STEM content within other sections of the UNI website. Bookmark Please submit comments and suggestions through our contact page. 




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