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Faculty Senate

Recommendations re. Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence

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Present such facts as are needed to establish the importance of the problem your petition addresses and to indicate its present status: 

The Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence Committee has met and agreed on a list of recommended recipients for this year's awards.  According to the process, those recommendations are to be brought before the Faculty Senate to be discussed; they require Senate endorsement before moving forward in the process.  To maintain confidentiality, the names of recommended candidates should only be revealed to the Senate in closed session.  If the Faculty Senate endorses the slate of nominees, the list then proceeds to the Provost for review before being forwarded to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa for final action.

Clearly indicate the action you wish the Senate to take relative to your petition, beginning with the phrase, "Therefore, be it resolved....": 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate endorses the Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence Committe's recommended list of recipients for this year's Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence.

Final Action Taken: 
Notified Provost Gibson, 4/17/14
Meeting Date: 
Apr 14, 2014