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Faculty Senate

Moratorium on LAC Category Reviews

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     During this time of uncertainty and potential change in the Liberal Arts Core (LAC)--due both to innovations proposed by the LAC Review Steering Committee and the overhaul of assessment practices initiated by UNI's recent reaccreditation with the Higher Learning Commission--the Liberal Arts Core Committee (LACC) would like to encourage faculty to think about how the LAC can be improved.

     To this end, the LACC is proposing a two-year moratorium (Fall '11 - Spring '13)on the category reviews normally conducted, on a rolling basis, on program components.  Faculty are encouraged to conduct informal course and category reviews on their own, but they would not be required, during this period, to submit formal category review documents to the LACC.

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     Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate endorses this LACC proposal.

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Oct 10, 2011