Curriculum Management

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Present such facts as are needed to establish the importance of the problem your petition addresses and to indicate its present status: 

Whereas an ad-hoc committee to recommend changes in curricular policies and the handbook to insure faculty control, hereinafter termed the Curriculum Management Committee (CMC), was established by the Faculty Senate in August 2012;

and whereas the CMC has consulted with College senates, the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), the Graduate College Curriculum Committee (GCCC), and other relevant bodies;

and whereas the CMC has considered AAUP statements and principles as well as other "best practices" in developing its recommendations;

Clearly indicate the action you wish the Senate to take relative to your petition, beginning with the phrase, "Therefore, be it resolved....": 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate:

1.  Create a centralized faculty committee to monitor the health of all academic programs.

2.  Amend the curricular process to allow proposals each year, rather than alternate years.

3.  Divide the curricular process, with distinct and different tracks for more substantive and less substantive changes.

4.  Consider, at the Faculty Senate, the curricular implications of expansions, divisions, and mergers of colleges, departments, schools, and programs.

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Apr 14, 2014