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Faculty Senate

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Curriculum Proposals

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Present such facts as are needed to establish the importance of the problem your petition addresses and to indicate its present status: 

Whereas the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has submitted a package of curriculum proposals for Catalog Year 2014-2016, all of which are recorded on UNI Curriculum Online;

and whereas all of these proposals have been reviewed either by the University Curriculum Committee or by the Graduate College Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Council;

Clearly indicate the action you wish the Senate to take relative to your petition, beginning with the phrase, "Therefore, be it resolved....": 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate has reviewed these proposals and has, with any exceptions noted herein, approved them.

Final Action Taken: 
Notified Associate Provost Licari, 2/18/14
Meeting Date: 
Feb 10, 2014