The Professional and Scientific Council was established in 1978 for the purpose of studying, formulating, and recommending to administrative officers of UNI policies of interest to Professional and Scientific employees. The Council, consisting of representatives elected by division members, meets monthly during University office hours. Meetings are open to the public unless voted into executive session.

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Attached to this post is a letter received from Pres. Ruud regarding individual salary adjustments. Individual salary adjustments occur when a division takes some money "off-the-top" from the salary increase pool and uses it to increase one or more staff salaries. The letter states that only the Student Affairs division conducted individual salary adjustments using "off-the-top" funds, holding back $4,034 for adjustments for 7 staff members.

Based on feedback, the P&S Policies and Procedures Committee is offering another Open Forum on Wednesday, July 16, for feedback on their recommendation for Phase II P&S Policies and Procedures updates. As a reminder you have two options for providing feedback.

P&S Policies and Procedures Committee has just completed their recommendation for Phase II P&S Policies and Procedures updates and are seeking your feedback on this very important document. You have two options for providing feedback.

President Ruud has sent his response to the P&S Council's recommendation regarding the distribution of FY 2015 salary increases. They are to be "1% to be distributed across-the-board only to P&S employees that have been rated satisfactory or above, and the remaining 1.25% to be distributed based on meritorious performance." The average salary increase across P&S employees will be 2.25%.

Below are the list of candidates running for the 2014 P&S Council positions. You will have the option to vote for the candidates in your division in addition to voting for the At-Large position in myUNIverse.

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