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Policies and Procedures

4.12 Safety and Health Policy for Employees

All employees will be expected to perform their jobs in conformance with established safety and health standards and to utilize appropriately the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prescribed by the university. Violations of safety standards, improper use of PPE, and/or failure to use PPE as directed will be dealt with according to the already established disciplinary procedures.

Protective Shoe Policy

The university shall provide safety shoes as necessary, to all full-time employees identified as needing foot protection. Shoe guards will be provided for part-time or temporary employees. This type of protection shall be required if the work necessitates lifting or carrying dense, rigid articles or equipment; operating machinery presenting a hazard of foot injury; or constantly traversing areas where such activities take place.

A wide range of shoes will be available for the employee's choice. The cost of these standard styles will be provided by the university. The employee may choose more expensive styles, but the additional cost must be paid by the employee. The employee may elect to make a payroll deduction for the additional cost by completion of a withholding form available from either the Plant Services Office or the Housing Office. The cost of special prescription safety shoes will be paid by the university only when the employee presents a doctor's statement prescribing the special shoes.

Safety shoes must be replaced when worn beyond repair. All shoes must be turned in before new ones can be issued. Those damaged or worn due to negligence on the part of the employee will be replaced at the expense of the employee. Minor repairs, laces, etc., will also be at the expense of the employee.

Employees assigned to the following areas within Plant Services will be covered under this policy. They are listed below:

  1. Carpenters Maintenance Mechanics
  2. Central Receiving and Stores Mason
  3. Electric Painter
  4. Electronic Pipe Fitters
  5. Environmental Systems Mechanic Power Plant
  6. Greenhouse Refrigeration
  7. Grounds Transportation
  8. Key Upholstery

Employees assigned to the following areas within Educational and Student Services will be covered under this policy. They are listed below:

  1. Dining Service Dock Workers
  2. Family Housing Maintenance Repair
  3. Residence Hall Maintenance Repair
Vice President for Administrative Services Approved, 1981