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Policies and Procedures

3.09 Placement and Career Services


To designate eligibility for registration with the Office of Placement & Career Services (P&CS); to state fee policies; and to define services covered by registration fees.

Policy Statement:

The UNI Office of Placement & Career Services (P&CS) provides career development and job search education and assistance to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and alumni of the University. Registration with P&CS and payment of an annual registration fee are required only for those alumni and currently enrolled students who wish to access the following services for full-time job search and/or experiential learning programs.

Services covered by the annual registration fee, depending upon the academic major, include:

  1. Participation in credit-bearing and non-credit Experiential Learning programs.
  2. On-campus interviewing opportunities.
  3. Vacancy listing service through UNI CareerLink on the World Wide Web.
  4. Referral to prospective employers directly and through UNI CareerLink.
  5. Credential service available to educators and students or alumni applying to graduate or professional schools.

Additional services are available to alumni and currently enrolled students regardless of their registration status with P&CS.


Registration with P&CS requires an annual, non-refundable fee as approved by the Iowa Board of Regents. Registration also requires the entry of registration data and an electronic resume into UNI CareerLink, a web-based database management system.

Registration for experiential learning programs is available to students currently enrolled at UNI who meet minimum program requirements.

Registration for full-time job search services is available to individuals holding a degree from UNI and to students currently enrolled at UNI who will receive a degree and/or an additional education certification during the period covered by the registration fee.

Exceptions to registration eligibility requirements may be considered on an individual basis.

See also University Services.

Placement & Career Services approved, 12/16/98
President’s Cabinet approved, 2/22/99