UNI Overseas Placement Service For Educators

Services for Educators

By registering with UNI Overseas Placement, certified K-12 educators will have the opportunity to connect with 120+ American International Schools from around the globe. Registrants receive access to the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair, the UNI Newsletter, the UNI Overseas Fact Sheet Book, and Credential and Referral Services.

How do I register?

Step 1.) Order Your Registration Packet

Click here to order your 2016 UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair Registration Packet. You will receive your username and password with your registration packet. The free registration packet will include an overview of our services, registration procedures, deadlines, and an outline of the annual fair registration fees. See the packet for details.

Step 2.) Start the Registration Process

Once you have received your UNI Fair Registration Packet, click here to begin the registration process . (Note: username and password are required). 

Step 3.) Fully Registered Candidate Information

Once you have received confirmation from UNI that you are a registered candidate, you may access the following: