Linking Tags

<a href=path> Includes a clickable link to another page.

<a href=mail to:email address> Mail an e-mail message to the person specified in the address portion of the tag.</a>

<a href=#path> Allows you to link to a specific part of the same document.</a>

<a href=URL#path> Allows you to link to a specific spot in another html page.</a>

<a name=target name> Target of the <a href=#path> command.</a>

<a href=path target="***** | _blank | _self | _parent | _top"> Defines the frame you want the link to show in.

<a href=ftp://path> Includes a link to an ftp site. </a>

<a href=telnet://path> Allows the user to telnet to another site by clicking on the writing. </a>

<a href=news://path> Goes to a usenet news group. </a>

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