Font Styles

<i> This is a sample of italics writing. </i>

<b> This is bold writing. </b>

<strong> This is a sample of the tag strong. </strong>

<tt> This is typewriter text. </tt>

This is text with the <em> tag.

This is a sample of the <blink> command.

<font face="****">This allows you to change the style of the font.</font>

<u> This tag is used to underline. </u>

<s> This is the strikeout tag. </s>

<strike> Another way to strikeout text.</strike>

<sub> This tag is for subscript. </sub>

<sup> This is the supersrcipt tag. </sup>


 <pre> Preformatted text. </pre> 

<big> </big> An example of the big tag.

<small> </small> Sample of the small tag.

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