Saving your Work

Since MINITAB is an interactive package, results are shown on the screen. You may wish to make a hard copy of your results, such as to hand in if you are in a class. The OUTFILE and NOOUTFILE commands in Minitab are used to do this. The OUTFILE command in Minitab instructs it to copy everything that appears at the screen into a file on your account. The NOOUTFILE command instructs Minitab to stop copying output to the file.

To start copying, type:

MTB> OUTFILE 'filename'

"filename" would be the file name that you want to save your work under, for example "project1.lis". If the name does not exist on your directory, a new file will be created. If the name does exist on your directory, the new output will be appended to the existing file.

After you give the OUTFILE command, you can then do the commands in Minitab that you wanted to save. Then to stop the copying, issue the NOOUTFILE command, like this:


Upon returning to the dollar sign prompt, you may wish to check the contents of the file using the LOOK utility, like this:

$ look project1.lis {pressing "q" will return you to

the dollar sign}

To print the output, use the PRINT command, like this:

$ print project1.lis {prints to BUS 19}


$ locprint project1.lis {prints to a printer attached to a PC}

If you want to delete the file containing the output, use the DELETE command, like this:

$ delete project1.lis;*

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