Entering and Exiting MINITAB

Minitab is an interactive package. To enter it, type:


You should see the following:

MINITAB Statistical Software, StandardVersion
Release 9.1 for Open VMS
(C) Copyright 1992 Minitab Inc.- All Rights reserved
March 10, 1994 - UNI - Information ystems and Computing Services

Worksheet size: 7407661 cells

For information on: Type:
_____________________ ______________________
How to use Minitab HELP
Customer service HELP OVERVIEW 14
Documentation HELP OVERVIEW 15
What's new in this release NEWS

"MTB>" is the Minitab prompt. From here you can type in any of the Minitab commands.

To exit Minitab, type "STOP", like this:


***Minitab Release 9.1 *** Minitab Inc. ***

Worksheet size: 7407661 cells


The dollar sign is the prompt for the VMS operating system. To sign off Acad, type "LOGOUT", or just "LO".

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