Data and Voice Rates and Services


Core Services 

  • Extension - Dial tone (basic telephone service) 

  • Voice Messaging – Basic (15 minutes storage)  

  • Local Calling 

  • Long Distance Calling – Domestic/International  

  • General Troubleshooting and Repair

  • In-place telephone instruments  

  • Data connections --  wired link 1Gb; Wireless link 6Mb & ~20 devices per cell. 



Installation Charges One-Time T&M Fee 

New Voice (Voip only)/Data Activation (Jack in-place)       $300

New Voice/Data Jack (No Jack or wire in-place—additional to above)         $50/hour

Extension Move (tech required)   $50/hour 



Telephone Instruments & Equipment Fees  

ITEM         One-Time    

Analog Telephone  

8102 Analog Single-line Set/Equivalent       $  25  

8110 Analog Single-line Set w Speaker/Equivalent    $  30      


Digital Telephone 

8410D Digital 10-button Display Set w speaker    $  50

8411D Digital 10 button Display Set w speaker and analog “soft” jack in the back    $  80

8434D Digital 34-button Display Set w speaker    $  80


6408D Digital   8-button Display Set w speaker    $  50

6416D Digital 16-button Display Set w speaker    $  60

6424D Digital 24-button Display Set w speaker    $  70

XM24 Digital  24 button Add-on for 6416/6424    $  75


EC500 Extension-to-Cellular Service    $100 


Custom/Additional Services 

Call Centers (Inbound/Outbound)  

ACD/Auto Attendant Functionality    $300 One Time

  Modifications & complex configuration $50/hour T & M  

Outbound Long Distance for call centers (charged per-minute)  


800MHZ Radio        One-Time  Per Radio Negotiate   



 Service for Non-UNI Entities


Legacy monthly rate structure will be utilized for billing





Special Network Equipment Purchase 

ITEM         One-Time 

10G Fiber or DAC + Optics         $  1,300

High density or capacity wireless additional access point     $     500    

Other equipment or connectivity sold to recover costs.


Other Charges T&M Fee 

Special project design or implementation      $50/hour

Vlan change $50/hour

Wireless Access Point temporary install     $50/day

Special Internet bandwidth utilization      Market value


Additional Patch Cables 

3ft = 8.00

4ft = $8.25

7ft = $9.25

10ft = $10.25

14ft = $12.00

19ft = $13.75

25ft = $16.00


Please contact Jon Wolter for more information. (Phone: 319-273-6834)
Other Network Equipment
Item Price
2071 Wire $0.50/foot
2061 Wire $0.30/foot
48-Port Gig Panel $9.00/port
GIG Jack $7.00
CAT 5e Jack $5.00
Quad Face $1.50
ST Optical Fiber Connector $11.00
SC Optical Fiber Connector $14.00
Technician Hourly Rate
All work will be billed at $50/Hour.
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