How do I Grant/Designate Rights?


Instructions to give Calendar Users Access Rights using Oracle Calendar 9.0.4

1. Log into your calendar account.

2. On the main Calendar window go to Tools, and click on Access Rights.

3. A new window will open. Each tab across the top corresponds to different Access Rights for the items listed below.

4. To change Designate rights (to give someone access to your calendar as if it were you, then make sure the Designate tab is selected at the top. Then at the bottom of the window select the user you want to provide rights
to. If the person you want to provide Designate rights to is not in your list, enter their name in the blank and click the check mark.

5. The options above will show the access rights for that specific user. If you select “Default: Any unlisted person” that will the Designate rights for any person at the University. By default, those settings are set for “No designate rights.”

6.    Check the boxes for the rights you wish to provide. I recommend giving users with Designate rights access to Modify Normal Entries, and view Times Only for Personal or Confidential Entries. This will allow them to see time blocked off that you identify as personal or confidential, but they will not be able to see what you’re doing or modify those meetings.

7. Once you’ve finished, click ok at the bottom of the window. Your designate will now have rights to access your calendar by going to the Pull down menu, clicking Agenda, and selecting Open as Designate.

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