1. New Post – brings up a new blank post

2. Recent Posts – shows a listing of recent posts

3. Recent Post window: (graphic 2) Recent posts are listed on the left-hand side of the
window, a preview of the selected post is shown on the right-hand side of the window.
Buttons in the Recent Post window:
• Edit – allows you to edit the post that is selected
• Delete – deletes the post that is selected
• Close – closes the recent post window

4. Post and Publish – When you’re done writing your post, click here to publish your post
to the blog Web site.

5. Spell Check – checks the spelling of the post you are currently working on

6. Change Account – This button takes you to the login screen, where you can edit and
add accounts to BlogJet.

7. There are 5 buttons for formatting text: bold, italic, underline, text color, bulleted list.
TIP: Words should not be underlined for emphasis. Only hyperlinks should be
underlined. Users have come to expect anything that is underlined on the web to be a

8. Insert Image – allows you to insert an image into your post

9. Insert Hyperlink – allows you to insert a hyperlink or URL into your post

10. Insert Smiley – allows you to insert a smiley face image into your post

11. Title field – write the title for your blog posting here

12. Category – choose a category for your blog (if applicable)

13. Type the text of your posting. When you are finished writing your blog posting, click on the Post and Publish button.

14. You can view your blog Web page by selecting “View Blog Page” in the tools menu.

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