BlogJet Configuration Details



1. Launch BlogJet Software then Click on the “Enter Key” button at the lower left of the

2. UNI has a site license for BlogJet. Enter the following registration name and registration
Registration name: University of Northern Iowa
Registration key: Obtain from Licensing Information elsewhere in documentation…

When you have entered the information, click “OK.”

3. Click “OK.” Restart the program. (You do not
need to restart your computer, just the program)

4. Click on the button beside Account.

5. Select “New Account”

6. Select “I already have a blog,” then click on “Next.”

7. Click on the field next to “Provider” and scroll down to select “Moveable Type.”

8. Fill in the following information.
Page: /mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi
Port: 443 Use SLL

Click “Next.”
9. Enter your user name and password for your blog account and click “Next.”

10. Select your blog. If you have more than one blog, all the blogs you have access to will be
listed. After selecting your blog, click “Next.”

11. Make sure “Use default upload location” is selected. Click “Next”

12. Enter a title for your account. The address of your blog page should appear in the second
field. Click “Finish.”

13. Enter your user name and password and click “Login.”

14. You are now logged into your blog account.



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