Configuration of WiFi-UNI for Macintosh 10.4 OS and higher
September 11, 2009

It's best to connect to WiFi-UNI-Setup to configure an Apple device for WiFi.

 If you ever have to format your computer the
following instructions explain how to re-connect to the wireless
Click on Internet Connect and choose “WiFi-UNI”

When the following screen appears click on “Continue”

Enter your Active Directory credentials then click OK. For
students this is your username/password for computer lab access.
For Faculty/Staff this is the network login you use for your office

If you are not prompted to enter your credentials your previous
login information is probably stored in you Keychain. To remove
this information open up the Keychain. This can be found at
Open system.keychain and remove any saved information related
to WiFi-UNI or

After removing these items start at the beginning of this document

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