Flat Panel(LCD) Care


An image can be burned into an LCD panel if left displayed for an extended period (approximately 24 hours, depending on the image and LCD). However, unlike monitors with a cathode-ray tube (CRT), an LCD panel recovers over time and eventually dissipates the image.

 To allow this recovery, the display panel must be turned off. The time it takes to recover depends on the original image and how long it was left on the screen. It generally takes between one and two times as long to remove the image as it took to burn it in.

 In other words, if you're going to leave your computer on, make sure it's set to put the display to sleep after a hour or so.

Screen Savers

Although a screen saver can be used, it keeps the display backlight in use thereby decreasing its overall life. A screen saver may also prevent a laptop from going to sleep, decreasing battery life.

Putting the computer to sleep or shutting it down when it won't be used for extended periods is preferred to a screen saver. The Energy Saver control panel has a setting for display sleep that is applicable to both PowerBook and stand-alone flat panel displays such as the Apple Studio Display and Apple Cinema Display.


 To clean the LCD Screen :

 1. Turn off the computer or display. You may need to turn off the computer in order to turn off some displays.

 2. Dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or paper with water only. You may have received such a cloth with your computer. Coffee Filters make great wipes for this purpose. (The paper ones...not the lifetime metal screen type...)

 3. Wipe the screen. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen.

 You may also use a mild glass cleaner that contains no alcohol or ammonia. (***Warning*** - Windex and many other common cleaners contain ammonia)

Most office supply stores sell cleaning kits specifically designed for this purpose.

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