Setup Thunderbird for UNI Email Account Setup in just a couple minutes.

Downloading and installing the Thunderbird software we have customized (Windows XP version only) provides setup for your UNI Email account easily and quickly. Subsequently you can add other (i.e. CFU, Mediacomm, Gmail, etc.) accounts (Tools/Accounts/Add Account) so you can end up with being able to use Thunderbird to check multiple Inboxes easily. If you already have tried to setup an account previously, you may want to delete your old and then setup a new profile (Start/All Programs/Mozilla Thunderbird/Profile Manager) once you have installed this version of Thunderbird.


Software at

Full Setup Instructions are at

***NOTE*** - At the end of this setup there are some recommendations we HIGHLY suggest. One is to make a folder within your My Documents folder called Email (you may make this before you start) and change the Thunderbird “Local Folder” to point there. This instructs Thunderbird to store your email you move from the server(s) to that location and makes it easy to backup your email that you have in Local Mail folders. Also, do NOT use the Trash folder for storage and change the server settings to delete the Trash when you exit is highly recommended.

Welcome to Mozilla Thunderbird


Software License Agreement


Set Up Type


Summary Ready to start installing Mozilla

Install Complete


Import Settings and Mail Folders From

New Account Set Up




User Names


Congratulations Verify and Finish


Enter Password


Extra Highly Recommended Steps


Special Account Settings


Selection of Local Directory


Special Account Settings Local Folders


Changing of Inbox and Emtying of Trash Recommendations

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