How do I edit in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0?

This support article explains how to open, save and export a project in Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Opening a Project

Open Sony Vegas Pro.  Select File < Open and select your desired project.

Saving a Project

In Sony Vegas Pro, select File < Save and save to your desired location.

Editing Techniques

  • Use keyboard shortcuts such as JKL editing to play through the timeline.  J is rewind (reverse), K is pause (stop), and L is play (forward).  You may hit J and L multiple times to select a desired speed.
  • Hover your mouse at the edge of a clip, when a double sided arrow icon pops up, you can click and hold it then drag it to lengthen or shortern a video clip.
  • Select a specific area of a video clip and click S (slice).  It will create a direct cut where the timeline indicator is. 

Adding Titles

Title templates are located in the Media Generator tab.  You can select various text title templates, solid color titles, and other types of templates.  Drag your desired template onto the timeline to edit and position the text.

Adding Transitions

Transitions are located in the Transitions tab.  You can drag your desired transition onto the timline by placing it in between two video clips.  You cannot place a transition on one clip, you must turn it into two clips in that instance.

Render Settings

To export your final video, select File < Render.  There are many types of file types you can choose from.  Below is a few of the most popular file types.

  • AVI - a high quality video format designed to be burned to DVD.
  • MP4 - a good quality video format designed for the web.
  • WAV - a very high quality audio format that is uncompressed.
  • AAC - a high quality audio format designed for the web.
  • MP3 - a good quality audio format with a small file size.

Helpful Hints

  • Always save your project often.
  • Normalize your audio before exporting by right-clicking the audio file in the timeline and selecting Switches < Normalize.
  • Import media (video, audio, photos) by selecting File < Import.
  • Never save to the desktop, always save to your selfserve folder.
  • Overlapping video and audio clips will create crossfades.
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