Google Apps FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Google Apps at UNI.

Q: Who can use Google Apps at UNI?

All UNI student, faculty/staff and emeritus have access to Google Apps. 

Please visit for updates on the availablity of UNI Gmail.

Q: Can Faculty and Staff use Google Apps? 

Yes, Google Apps will be available to you according to the schedule determined by your college or divisional IT staff .

Q: What is Google Apps for Education Security & Privacy Statement?

Q: What is Google Apps @ UNI?

Q: What password/passphrase do I use?

Use your CatID passphrase, the same as on campus email, eLearning, and MyUNIverse.

Q: Are any mailing lists changing with the addition of Google Apps at UNI?

Google Apps does not change anything regarding campus mailing lists / listservs.

Q: What if I already have a personal Gmail (Google) account?

Not an issue, your UNI Google Apps account is completely separateYou will continue to use both accounts independently.

Q: How do I add the Google Apps @ UNI pagelet to MyUNIverse?

Q: I accidently deleted an email, document, site, or calendar entry, can it be recovered?

No, UNI does not backup any Google Apps data and cannot recover any deleted items.  Check your trash folder as Google keeps deleted items for 30 days.

Q: How secure is my password with Google Apps?

Your password is secure, see for details:

Q: How much space do I get with Google Apps?

Email & Drive: 30GB combined

Q: What size limits does Google Email have for attachments?

Currently the size of an email including any files attached must be 25MB or less.
Additionally, some file types are blocked by Google for security reasons.

Q: What size limits does Google Drive have?

It varies by the document type.  View Google support answer.

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