Attaching documents and files to content

This information is now depreciated. Please contact Brandon Neil if you have questions. A new tutorial will be posted soon.


Attaching file uploads to nodes of content is possible for authenticated users with the proper permissions. Contact your site administrator if you are unable to upload file attachments after following these instructions.

1. Login to your Drupal website

2. Navigate to the node of content you would like to add documents to.

3. Click edit, then scroll down and click the "File attachments" tab at the bottom of the edit form.

File attachments tab

4. To attach a new file, click "Choose file". You should then be presented with a file browser. Select the file from your computer and click "Choose".

Selecting the file to upload from your computer

5. Click Attach.

Click attach

The file has now been uploaded to your website and can be displayed on your node of content.

6. There are a variety of options available for uploaded content. File upload options

  • Delete - If selected, on save will delete any reference to this file on this node of content. This will not delete the file.
  • List - Determines if the file upload will show up at the bottom of the node under "Attached files".
  • Description - Give a description of the file. By default this is the filename. Change this to give more information to the user, .e.x. instead of "ppt2010.ppt" call the file "2010 Presentation". File descriptions are only shown if List is selected.

7. Repeat these steps to upload multiple files.

8. Change the order of multple files by selecting the handle at the left of a file and dragging up or down.

9. Save the node, otherwise your changes will be lost!

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