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Turning Point Web Based Training
Turning Technologies offers web-based, instructor-led training weeky. This training ranges from beginner to advance.

Online Tutorials
Online tutorials cover creating a table, converting an existing PowerPoint slide, prompts and reminders, identifying a correct answer, setting up your hardware, using reports, and activating software.

Using student response in your lectures is a proven way to improve attendance and attentiveness.

Many educators report that TurningPoint seamlessly collects and presents valuable student input which enables them to create more teachable moments and promote active learning. Their lectures can dynamically change based on class polling results – enabling educators to make key decisions to either drill deeper into subjects that require more clarification or move quickly through key concepts students understand. For further information, please refer to the articles below.

Articles about Student Response Systems:

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Research on the Effectiveness of Classroom Response Systems http://www.vanderbilt.edu/cft/resources/teaching_resources/technology/crs_biblio.htm