Getting Started With TurningPoint

Step 1 - Acquiring a Receiver
You will need a receiver to use Turning Point in your classroom.  Your department may already have a receiver that you may be able to use.  If not, your department can purchase a receiver from Turning Technologies. UNI can purchase the receivers for $99.00 each.

Step 2 – Install Turning Point on your computer and the computer you will use in class

When you purchase the receiver, you should receive a package containing the software CD as well as instructions on how to install and register the software.  Just follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the software.  You can also download the software here: .

Step 3 – Inform the bookstore of the number of Student Keypads you will need

When you submit your textbook list to University Book and Supply, you can also inform the bookstore of how many Turning Point keypads you will need for your class.  Each student will need a keypad.  Students will be able to purchase their keypads from University Book and Supply when they purchase their textbooks.

It might also be a good idea to remind students that if they already have purchased a keypad, they will NOT need to purchase an additional keypad.  Each student will only need one keypad, because that one keypad can be used in ALL their classes using the Turning Point Response System.  Students can keep their keypad and continue to use it throughout their student career here at UNI, and sell the keypad back to the bookstore when they are finished with their schooling.  Students will also be able to sell back their keypads to the bookstore at the end of the semester if they so desire.

Step 4 – Have Fun!

Once you have the software installed, you are ready to create your question/response slides.  Open up Turning Point and start creating your question slides.  You can create a new Power Point presentation, or you can modify an existing Power Point presentation to include the question slides.  If you need help, there is an online tutorial at: