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Purchasing an Audience Response System
Recently the University of Northern Iowa signed an agreement with Turning Technologies, LLC; manufacturer of the Turning Point Student Response System.

So what does this mean to you?
The agreement allows individual departments and colleges at the University of Northern Iowa to purchase the Turning Point Student Response System at a reduced price. The Response Card RF Receiver can be ordered from the contact below. The student clicker can be bought at the university book store.

If you have any questions regarding Turning Point or purchasing a Turning Point System, please feel free to contact Turning Technologies' Student Intern at ITS – Educational Technology.

If your department or college would like to purchase a Turning Point Student Response System, you can also contact the representative:

Ben Bestic | Account Executive - Higher Education

Turning Technologies  |  255 West Federal Street  |  Youngstown, Ohio 44503
Direct:  330.599.4915  |  Main:  330.746.3015  |  Toll Free:  866.746.3015  |  Fax: 330.884.6065 | Support: 877.726.4602  |  |