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Welcome to UNI and Resources at UNI

This session will provide information about what ISSO and other offices on campus can offer you to get the most out of your experience at UNI.

Immigration Regulations
This session covers your immigration status; what you need to do to stay in good standing with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; new developments in the handling of student information; and importance of following the rules of your visa status.

Traveling Around Cedar Falls and Beyond
This session will show you where things are in Cedar Falls and neighboring Waterloo, and how to travel by foot, bicycle, bus or car to the places you want to go.

Introduction to the U.S. System of Education and U.S. Classroom
This session highlights the U.S. system of education which is different than the system in your home country.  Learn what grades, credits, grade point average, program of study, and other terms mean and many other useful tips.  The U.S. classroom etiquette is also quite different.  Learn how to interact with your professors and classmates and how to be successful.

Paying Your “U-Bill” and Managing your Money
This session will inform you on how to pay your tuition and fees and how to view your account online.  We will also discuss some tips about managing your money in the U.S.

Student Health Clinic and Health Insurance
This session will inform you why UNI requires health insurance for international students, how the U.S. health care system works, what is SHIP, and what the UNI Health Center can do for you.

Safety, Security, and Student Services
This session will provide tips to help keep yourself safe and out of trouble.  Find out how you can work with public safety and about more services available to help you have a safe and successful experience at UNI. 

TB Testing
Health Clinic personnel will be on-hand to perform tuberculosis screening. This is mandatory for all international students.  You must bring all your health and vaccinations forms to this session.  You will be required to take a two-dose MMR immunization if you do not provide documentation from home during this session.

Rod Library Tour
Rod Library tour will provide you with a head start to find out where things are, who to ask with library questions, and where the best places to study are located. 

Your Academic Success
This session will introduce the Academic Support Center, Disability Services, and other resources in place to ensure your academic success.  You will learn how professional staff from each of these units can help you succeed in the classroom.

Staying Healthy at UNI
This session will highlight violence prevention and healthy student lifestyles as well as mandatory Student Success online programs:  Unless There's Consent - Sexual Assault Prevention.  Additionally, you will learn about the recreation, fitness, wellness, certifications, and other opportunities that our Wellness and Recreation Services can offer you.

Employment at UNI

This session covers employment eligibility, where to look for a job and what to do.  You will also learn what a social security number is and how to obtain a number if you become employed at UNI.

Intercultural Communication
This session will cover how life in the U.S. may not be like it is at home.  Share your stereotypes and expectations of Americans, play a slang game, and learn some American culture tips.

How to Get Involved
This session will provide information on how you can get involved on campus, in addition to attending classes.  Find out just how much fun you can have and how much there is to do to enrich your life as a student.  Learn all about our student government system and how you can get involved.


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