Recent Graduates


Andrew Duggan
Current Position:
"Post-Graduate Settlement Patterns: Tution Reciprociy and its Impact on Graduate Retention in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin"
Dr. Alex Oberle

Borislav Nikoltchev
Current Position: PhD student in Geography (University of Oklahoma); Norman, OK
Thesis: "Spatial Dynamics of Economic Polarization and Rural Development in Bulgaria and Serbia, 1995-2010"
Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

William Burkett
Current Position: Program Assistant, GeoTREE, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA
Thesis: "A Survey of LIDAR Use by Iowa Professionals"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Brian Gedlinske
Current Position: Environmental Specialist, Iowa Waste Reduction Center
Graduate Project:

Dr. Dave May


Justin Thomas
Current Position:
Thesis: "A Semi-Analytical Method for the Temporal Prediction of Chlorophyll in Clear Lake, Iowa Using Hyperion Imagery"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Tyler Johnson
Current Position: GIS Technician, Iowa Department of Natural Resources; Iowa City, IA
Thesis: "A Late-Quaternary Record of Environmental Variability from Lake Sediment Cores, Wind River Range, Wyoming"
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Dahms

Munshi Khaledur Rahman
Current Position:  PhD student in Geography (Kent State); Kent, OH
Thesis: "Preparation and Response to the Flood of 2008 and Windstorm of 2009 in Cedar Falls, Iowa"
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

Ying He
Current Position:
Thesis: "A Geographic Analysis of Wind Turbine Placement in Iowa"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanthan Sugumaran

Micah Destival
Current Position:
Graduate Project: "The Spatial Distribution of College Football Recruiting"
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller


Anna Pestereva
Current Position: Programmer, Aerial Services, Inc; Cedar Falls, Iowa
Thesis: "The Role of Road Network Structure in the Spatial Analysis of Crashes"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Luhua Cai
Current Position: MS student in Economics (Iowa State); Ames, IA
Thesis: "Development of a Spatial Decision Support Tool for Watershed Critical Area Identification of Soil Loss and Best Management Practices Evaluation"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Jeffrey Lentz
Current Position:
Thesis: "Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Consolidation: An Evaluation and Development of Viability Assessment Tools"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Lucas Geadelmann
Current Position:
Thesis: "Risk management of commercial overland food transport and distribution"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss


Scott Larson
Current Position: PhD student in Entomology (UW-Madison); Madison, WI
Thesis: "A field study and prediction of mosquitos in Black Hawk County, Iowa and ecological niche modeling for probably West Nile Virus mosquito vectors in Iowa using GIS"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanthan Sugumaran

Alexander "Sasha" Savalyev
Current Position: PhD student in Geography (Penn State); State College, PA
Thesis: "Temperature mapping of the UNI campus using high resolution thermal infrared aerial imagery"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Daniel Walsh
Current Position: High school teacher; Cedar Rapids, IA
Graduate Project: "Mapping Metro High School Students: Defining transportation issues and recommendations for Metro High School Students."
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

Ryan Takatsuka
Current Position:
Graduate Project: "College Hill: Business viability of a college business district."
Advisor: Dr. Alex Oberle