Recent Graduates

Ekaterina Korzh
Current Position:
Thesis: “Spaces of Disadvantage, Places of Hope: Women Empowerment, Economic Emancipation and NGOs in Bogota Slums”      

Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Adejoh E. Ogbe
Current Position: GIS Specialist, GeoTREE Center, Cedar Falls, IA
Thesis: “Spatial Analysis of Foreclosure and Neighborhood Characteristics in Miami Metropolitan Area, Florida”
Advisor: Dr. Bingqing Liang


Matthew D. Cooney
Current Position: GIS Specialist, The Sanborn Map Company, Colorado Springs, CO
Thesis: “Understanding the Long-Term Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Taimyr Reindeer Herd During the Summer Concentration Period”
 Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Andrei V. Kushkin
Current Position: GIS Analyst, Aerial Services, Cedar Falls, IA
Thesis: “Understanding the Impact of Vegetation on Surface Roughness Length for Enhancing Wind Resource Characterization in Iowa”
 Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Tesfay G. Russell
Current Position: GIS Specialist - Water and Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, IA
Thesis: “Developing An Integrated Spatially Explicit Scale Dependent Modeling Framework for Wind Farm Suitability Assessment in Iowa”
 Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Derek Richards
Current Position: PhD Student in Geography, Louisana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Thesis: “Climate Analysis Using Tree-Rings from the Wind River Range, Wyoming”
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Dahms

Iulia Zykova

Current Position:

Graduate Project: “Developing Multisensor Methodology for Detecting ATV Tracks in Tundra Landscapes”

 Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Philip A. Cavin
Current Position: Product Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Thesis: “Creative Heartland: Creative Capital and Knowledge Economy in Micropolitan Midwest”
Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Jonathon J. Launspach
Current Position: GIS Scientist, SRA International/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth, MN
Thesis: “Automated Sinkhole Extraction and Morphological Analysis in Northeast Iowa Using High-Resolution LIDAR Data”      
Advisor:  Dr. Patrick Pease

James Crawford
Current Position: GIS Analyst, Polk County, Des Moines, IA
Graduate Project: Usefulness of LiDAR Data for Illustrating Low-relief Geomorphic Features"
Advisor:  Dr. Dennis Dahms

Irina Childinova (1984-2013)
Thesis: Compositional Analysis of Post-glacial Lake Cores Using Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques"
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Pease



Graham, Michael
Current Position: Instructor, King George V College, U.K.
Thesis: “Space, History and Law: Rethinking Canadian Territorial Claims In the Arctic” 
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Petrov                    

Atma Bharathi Mani
Current Position: Product Engineer, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Redlands, CA
Thesis: “Building heat loss detection and surface temperature mapping of the City of Cedar Falls using aerial thermal images and Web-GIS” 
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran
Christina Vaughan
Current Position: Barnes and Nobel
Thesis: “The Road to Waterloo:  The Great Migration, The Illinois Central Railroad, and the African American Diaspora 1912-1920”  
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

David M. Suchan
Current Position: Project Coordinator, Buchanan SWCD/NRCS/IDALS-DSC, Independence, IA 50644
Thesis: “Water Quality and River Corridor Assessment of the Upper Iowa River: Howard and Winneshiek Counties, Iowa and Fillmore County, Minnesota”  
Advisor: Dr. David May

Brian VanDrasek
Current Position: Recently completed Peace Corps in Moldova and is entering the Marine Corps
Graduate Project: "Creative Russia: Creative Capital in Russian and Its Northern Regions"
Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov


Andrew Duggan

Current Position: International Support Manager at JAMF Software
"Post-Graduate Settlement Patterns: Tution Reciprociy and its Impact on Graduate Retention in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin"
Dr. Alex Oberle

Borislav Nikoltchev

Current Position: PhD student in Geography (University of Oklahoma); Norman, OK
Thesis: "Spatial Dynamics of Economic Polarization and Rural Development in Bulgaria and Serbia, 1995-2010"
Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

William Burkett

Current Position: Analytical Engineer, Williams Interactive, Cedar Rapids, IA
Thesis: "A Survey of LiDAR Use by Iowa Professionals"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Brian Gedlinske
Current Position: Environmental Specialist, Iowa Waste Reduction Center
Graduate Project
: "PCE Groundwater Quality Assessment of the University of Northern Iowa Campus Area:
Dr. Dave May

Justin Thomas

Current Position:  GIS Technician, Iowa Department of Natural Resources/University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Thesis: "A Semi-Analytical Method for the Temporal Prediction of Chlorophyll in Clear Lake, Iowa Using Hyperion Imagery"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Tyler Johnson

Current Position: GIS Technician, Iowa Department of Natural Resources/University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA
Thesis: "A Late-Quaternary Record of Environmental Variability from Lake Sediment Cores, Wind River Range, Wyoming"
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Dahms

Munshi Khaledur Rahman

Current Position: Post Doctoral in Geography, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
Thesis: "Preparation and Response to the Flood of 2008 and Windstorm of 2009 in Cedar Falls, Iowa"
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

Ying He

Current Position:
Thesis: "A Geographic Analysis of Wind Turbine Placement in Iowa"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Micah Destival
Current Position:
Graduate Project: "The Spatial Distribution of College Football Recruiting"
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

Anna Pestereva

Current Position: Programmer, Aerial Services, Inc; Cedar Falls, Iowa
Thesis: "The Role of Road Network Structure in the Spatial Analysis of Crashes"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Luhua Cai

Current Position: MS student in Economics (Iowa State); Ames, IA
Thesis: "Development of a Spatial Decision Support Tool for Watershed Critical Area Identification of Soil Loss and Best Management Practices Evaluation"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Jeffrey Lentz

Current Position:
Thesis: "Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Consolidation: An Evaluation and Development of Viability Assessment Tools"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Lucas Geadelmann

Current Position:  Transportation Analyst, Donaldson Company, Inc.
Thesis: "Risk management of commercial overland food transport and distribution"
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss


Scott Larson

Current Position: PhD student in Entomology (UW-Madison); Madison, WI
Thesis: "A field study and prediction of mosquitos in Black Hawk County, Iowa and ecological niche modeling for probably West Nile Virus mosquito vectors in Iowa using GIS"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanthan Sugumaran

Alexander "Sasha" Savalyev

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Thesis: "Temperature mapping of the UNI campus using high resolution thermal infrared aerial imagery"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Daniel Walsh

Current Position: High school teacher; Cedar Rapids, IA
Graduate Project: "Mapping Metro High School Students: Defining transportation issues and recommendations for Metro High School Students."
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller

Ryan Takatsuka

Current Position:
Graduate Project: "College Hill: Business viability of a college business district."
Advisor: Dr. Alex Oberle


Matt Voss
Current Position: Remote Sensing Scientist, US Army Corps of Engineers
Thesis: "Tree Species Mapping With Hyperspectral and LiDAR"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Guang “Sunshine” Yang
Current Position:
Thesis: "Using GIS Models to Simulate Water Quality in Iowa Lakes"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Jeffery Rossate
Current Position: Manager, Strategy and Operations, Deloitte Consulting
Thesis: “Ethanol Facility Locations in the United States: Historical Trends and Future Directions” (Rossate’s paper won Second Place Award in the Graduate College Master’s Paper competition, $100)
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Mark Steger

Current Position: GIS Associate, City of Overland Park, Kansas
Thesis: “Spatial and Modal Characteristics of Farm to Elevator Transport: Where, How, and Why Black Hawk Farmers Transport Their Grain.”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss


Nathan Green
Current Position: Senior Remote Sensing Specialist, National GeoSpatial Intelligence Angency, St. Louis, MO
Thesis: "Water Quality Assessment Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Brian Bakker
Current Position:
Thesis: "GIS-Based Site Suitability Analysis for Planning Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Iowa"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran

Greg Halverson
Current Position:
Thesis: “Spatial Interaction Modeling within the Pella/Knoxville, IA Laborshed”
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Fogarty

Steven Kent Oaks
Current Position: Teaching at East High School in Waterloo
Thesis:- “Settlement Patterns of Bosnian Rufugees in Waterloo, Iowa”
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller
Matthew Kajewski
Current Position
Thesis: “The Automated Query and Analysis of Crash Statistics in a GIS Environment: Using MapObjects 2.2, CrimeStat 2.0, and Visual Basic 6.0”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss
Brooke Kayser
Current Position: 
Thesis: “The Geographic Analysis of theAll-American Girls Baseball League”  
Advisor: Dr. James F. Fryman

Leonard Bombom
Current Position: PhD Student, Oklahoma State University
Thesis: “An Evaluation of Crash Cluster Identification Methodologies: A Case Study of Iowa”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Alexandra Bozheva

Current Position: PhD Student, University of Western Ontario, London, ON
Thesis: “Russian Immigration to the USA, 1990-2003”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss


Tami Huegel
Current Position: Teaching high school in Forest City, IA
Thesis: “Regional Geopolitical Conflicts Stemming from the Southeast Anatolia Project on the Euphrates River”
Advisor:  Kay Weller

James Harken
Current Position: GIS Analyst, Polk County, IA
Thesis: "Mapping Wetlands and Potential Wetland Restoration Areas Using Object-oriented Classification and a GIS"
Advisor: Dr. Ranamathan Sugumaran

Gregory A. Keller
Current Position:
Thesis: “Water Resources for the Las Vegas Area" (Research paper won First Place in the Graduate College Research paper competition)
Advisor: David May

Amber Doyle
Current Position
Thesis: "Reviving the CRANDIC: Is there interest in reviving passenger rail service on the CRANDIC route between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa?" (Research paper won Second Place Award in the Graduate College Master’s Paper competition, $100)
Advisor: Kay Weller

Jess Elder
Current Position: Senior Product Manager, National Geographic Society
Thesis: “Assessing the Applicability of Traditional Urban Transportation Planning Methods for the University Campus: A Case Study of the University of Northern Iowa”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss

Andrey N. Petrov
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Northern Iowa
Thesis: “Spatial Population Dynamics in the Resource-dependent Peripheral Territories of the Canadian North during the 1990s”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss
James Gerjevic
Current Position: Information Technology Officer, White River Junction, VT
Thesis: "Transportation Infrastructure Extraction from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran


Nanmi J. Tissing
Current Position:
Thesis: “The Use of GIS and Remote Sensing to Analyze Mosquito Habitats in Black Hawk County”
Advisor: Dr. Tim Strauss
Karla L. Suckling
Current Position:
Thesis: Regional Patterns and Social Implications of Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh
Advisor: Dr. J. Henry Owusu
Jasper E. Dung
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Geography, Alabama State University
Thesis: "Development of An Agricultural Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) Decision Support Tool Using RS and GIS"
Advisor: Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran


George Kuhter
Current Position: Teaching at a Middle School in Toledo, IA
Thesis: "Factors Related to the Shifting Spatial Distribution of African Distance Runners in Olympic and World Championship Competition" 
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller
Dale Splinter
Current Position: Associate Professor of Geography, University of Winsconsin, Whitewater
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Dahms
James Quinn
Current Position: GIS Coordinator, Buchanan County, IA
Advisor: Dr. Dave May


Rhonda Shaw
Current Position: Teaching in Toledo, IA
Thesis: "Tonto’s Revenge"
Advisor: Dr. Kay Weller



Bonnie Sines-Deceased
Current Position
Thesis: "A Geographical Analysis of Houses of Worship in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa 1968-1998 (Research paper won First Place in the Graduate College Research paper competition)
Advisor: Dr. James F. Fryman
Frederick Payne
Current Position:
Thesis: "Changing the Rules forCongressional Districts"

Advisor: Dr. C. Murray Austin


Rose Estes
Current Position:
Advisor: Dr. Robert E. Clark

Ezana Habte-Gabr
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Fogarty

Bryan Blaha
Current Position
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Fogarty