ACS Spring 2015 Meeting Papers and Posters

The following papers and posters were presented at the Spring 2014 meeting of the American Chemical Society. UNI student names are in boldface.


ACS Spring 2015 Meeting Poster Presentations

CHED 470
Measuring the stability of iso-1-cytochrome c variants using heme spectra
Authors: Sarah Eikenberry, Allison Wold, Dr. Melisa Cherney
CHED 475
Evaluating the expression levels of putative biomarkers in a panel of pancreatic cancer cell lines by qPCR
Authors: Alex Smith, Dr. Nalin Goonesekere, Dr. Kavita Dhanwada

CHED 476
Probing the identity of the distal heme ligand in Cys80 variants of iso-1-cytochrome c
Authors: Allison Wold, Sarah Eikenberry, Dr. Melisa Cherney

CHED 586
Impact of cost on chemistry laboratory teaching practices
Authors: Robin Livermore, Dr. Sarah Boesdorfer

CHED 830
Liquid sorption studies of Co"-4,4'-bipyridine 1D chains and 2D square grid MOFs
Authors:  Kylene Carlson, Dr. Colin Weeks

CHED 831
Synthesis and characterization of 1-D ladder crystals grown in methanol
Authors: Thomas Petersen, Nicole Weissenfluh, Dr. Colin Weeks

Orthogonal ion production for a novel harmonic oscillating ion trap mass spectrometer
Authors: Tim Rusch, Dr. Curtiss Hanson


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