251st ACS National Meeting Spring 2016


The following papers and posters were presented at the Spring 2016 meeting of the American Chemical Society. UNI student names are in boldface.

Magnetic properties of cobalt(II) containing metal-organic frameworks
Authors: Cassara Higgins, Dr. Paul M. Shand, Dr. Colin L. Weeks

Studying the effect of redox environment on heme ligation in Cys80 variants of
iso-1-cytochrome c
Authors: Allison Wold, Seth Meyer, Dr. Melisa Cherney

Development of a chemical-based electrode for reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Authors: Jon Nederhoff, Madison Flesch, Dmytro Kravchuk, Dr. Curtiss Hanson

Development of the chemical based semi-conductive electrodes (multi-potential ion guide) and their adaptation to the quadrupole ion mass spectrometer and time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Authors: Dmytro Kravchuk, Madison Flesch, Jon Nederhoff, Dr. Curtiss Hanson

Development of a semiconductor based quadrupole mass analyzer
Authors: Madison Flesch, Dmytro Kravchuk, Jon Nederhoff, Dr. Curtiss Hanson

Synthesis and characterization of diruthenium complexes and the mode of death in Hep G2 cells
Authors: Zachary Rye, Dr. Robert M. Chin, Dr. Kavita Dhanwada, Katie Fay



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