ACS Spring 2014 Meeting Papers and Posters

The following papers and posters were presented at the Spring 2014 meeting of the American Chemical Society. UNI student names are in boldface.


ACS Spring 2014 Meeting Paper

CHED 1467
Stimulating student and instructor interest to work together in the laboratory to maximize the learning of chemistry
Authors:  Dr. Dawn Del Carlo, Brandon M Fetterly

Development of a novel harmonic oscillator ion trap mass spectrometer
Authors: Timothy R. Rusch, Dr. Curtiss Hanson, Kevin O'Connor

Synthetic control and guest binding in porous metal-organic frameworks
Authors:  Kathryn Mauger-Sonnek, Thomas D. Petersen, Dr. Colin L Weeks, Dr. Gurusamy Balakrishnan, Dr. Thomas G Spiro


ACS Spring 2014 Meeting Poster Presentations

CHED 451
Identification of mTORC1 independent mechanisms of autophagy in EMT
Authors: Logan P. Poole, Dr. Nalin C.W. Goonesekere, Dr. Michael D. Henry
CHED 637
Characterization of non-cage structural analogs of octanitrocubane and CL-20
Authors: Jenna L. Geick, Dr. John A. Bumpus

CHED 434
Alteration of the cytochrome c folding pathway in solution and within sol-gel glasses by addition of Hofmeister salts
Authors: Sean Steinke, Dr. Eric Peterson

CHED 777
Spectroscopic studies of crystal framework growth
Authors: Thomas D. Petersen, Dr. Colin L. Weeks, Dr. Gurusamy Balakrishnan, Dr. Thomas G. Spiro

CHED 569
Black sheep phenomenon: Women's sense of belonging in the sciences across generations
Authors:  Tori Quist, Dr. Dawn Del Carlo

CHED 505
Attempts to tune the ligand switch in heme-thiolate model proteins using second sphere ligand effects
Authors: Allison Wold, Daniel Evans, Dr. Melisa M Cherney

CHED 814
Building a brick wall: Creating metal organic frameworks
Authors: Cassara J. Higgins, Dr. Colin L Weeks

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