Darrell Taylor
Gallery of Art Director

Darrell Taylor is the director of the UNI Gallery of Art, and overseer of the university’s Permanent Art Collection. He served as the Gallery's interim director prior to that appointment and has also taught at UNI as an adjunct instructor in art. 

As the gallery director, he is responsible for all exhibitions, programming, and publicity, and the training of student staff. He also serves as a permanent member of the UNI Art and Architecture Committee, which fields proposals and commissions work for the Iowa Art in State Buildings Program.

In addition, he is the author of all published materials produced by the Gallery of Art since his appointment as well as for several art grants written for exhibitions at that venue (e.g., Iowa Arts Council, Humanities Iowa, Northeast Iowa Community Foundation, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services).

Taylor is an intermedia artist with BFA, MA, and MFA degrees from the University of Iowa, whose work has been presented nationally and internationally. He writes, “Since 1994, I have created objects and time-based works (i.e., performances, videos, and installations) that reflect my interests in multi-layered narratives, printed imagery from the popular culture of the last half-century, and most especially the human body.”

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Right and below Examples of Darrell Taylor’s intermedia self-portraits.
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