The University of Northern Iowa Gallery of Art will present String Theory and the Superconducting Super Collider Series in the Gallery proper from August 25 through October 18, and Scientists Collect in the Gallery showcases from August 25 through September 23. 

These exhibitions are associated with the traveling exhibition Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention and represent a semester-long tribute to convergences of art and science.

String Theory and the Superconducting Super Collider Series are large-scale abstract paintings by Vermont-based artist and writer Lucinda Mason (1974-2007). The exhibition is dedicated to the late Dr. C. Clifton Chancey, Head of the UNI Department of Physics. This suite of paintings is inspired by the Superconducting Super Collider Project, which refers to the particle accelerator at the Fermilab in central Texas, whose scientists participated in the search for the Higgs Boson particle. According to Mason, this series "is based on the essential properties of matter, and the infinite possibilities of immeasurable space." In addition, it "touches on the very nature of our human quest to understand energy and its properties."

As mentioned, the Gallery will present Scientists Collect in its showcases, a mini-exhibition composed of artwork made by, or collected by, scientists and mathematicians at UNI. Darrell Taylor, Director of the UNI Gallery of Art, and UNI Professor Dr. Laura Jackson, Plant Ecologist and Director of the Tallgrass Prairie Center, curate the exhibition. 

In addition, Dr. Jackson and Assistant Professor of Art Educator Wendy Miller will present a dual lecture titled Science and Art: Dual Perspectives on the Tallgrass Prairie on September 10 at 7:00 pm in KAB 111. Other lectures associated with this programming may be viewed on the Gallery website calendar.NaturesToolbox2014.htmlCalendar.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
UNI Gallery of Art
String Theory and the Superconducting Super Collider Series 
August 25 – October 18, 2014
Scientists Collect
August 25 – September 23, 2014
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Below Lucinda Mason, Inside the Accelerator, oil on canvas, 2007, 75" X 58"