Events and exhibitions at the UNI Gallery of Art are open to the public throughout the academic year with no charge for admission New Gallery hours
The UNI Gallery of Art is open to the public during the following hours:
10 am to 7 pm on Monday through Thursday;
12 noon to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday, and by appointment. Closed on Sunday. 
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The Gallery of Art is located at the University of Northern Iowa at the northeast corner of Hudson Road and West 27th Street in Cedar Falls, Iowa, on the main floor of the Kamerick Art Building South.
See gallery hours below left. For more information, contact the Gallery at (319)273-3095. Email us at or visit our website.mailto:GalleryOfArt@uni.eduHome.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1
It is closed on all university holidays and during breaks, including Labor Day (September 1); Thanksgiving Break (November 22- 30); and Winter Break (December 22-January 11).

September 1  |  Labor Day
November 22 – 30  |  Thanksgiving Break
December 22 – January 11  |  Winter Break
September 4
Guest lecture: Ned Dodington
7:00 pm, KAB 111
Ned Dodington, Founder and Director of, on “How to Design With Biology: Towards a Biosynthetic Design Practice.”

September 10
Guest lecture: Laura Jackson and Wendy Miller
7:00 pm, KAB 111

Dr. Laura Jackson, Plant Ecologist, and Wendy Miller, Art Educator, on “Science and Art: Dual Perspectives on the Tallgrass Prairie.”

September 18
Guest Lecture: Mark Hosford
7:00 pm, KAB 111
Mark Hosford, Printmaker, on "From the Island of Misfit Toys."

October 1
Guest Lecture: Phil Fass
7:00 pm, KAB 111
Phil Fass, Graphic Designer, on “The Design of Daylilies: Possibility, Intention and Variation.”

October 7
Guest Lecture: Carl Thurman 
7:00 pm, KAB 111

Carl Thurman, PhD, Molecular Cellular Physiologist, on “Life Is Art: The Evolution of Architectural Design by Frank Lloyd Wright.”
August 25 – December 20
Exhibition of Department of Art Purchases and Recent Acquisitions from the UNI Permanent Art Collection co-curated by Dr. Charles M. Adelman and Gallery Director Darrell Taylor. This exhibition features works by Byron Burford, Thaddeus Erdahl, George Longfish, Maggie Taylor, and Peter Voulkos. Students from Dr. Adelman’s “Research Methods and Writing in Art History” class will present didactic materials for each object. 
August 25 – October 18
Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention

This exhibition was organized by Art Works For Change, Inc., with generous support from The Nathan Cummings Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; The Adobe Foundation; and the Sprint Foundation. At UNI, this presentation is made possible by the UNI College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences. Opening Reception on September 4 following Ned Dodington’s 7 p.m. lecture in KAB 111.

August 25 – October 18 
String Theory and the Superconducting Super Collider Series

Large-scale paintings by Vermont-based artist and writer Lucinda Mason (1974-2007). Dedicated to the late Dr. C. Clifton Chancey, Head of the UNI Department of Physics. Opening Reception also on September 4.

October 30 – December 1
Photographic Alternatives and Transcending Waste

An exhibition by UNI alumnus Denis Roussel featuring chemical-based photo media; for example, cyanotypes on discarded cardboard as well as pinhole camera and vegetable juice prints. Opening Reception on October 30 following the artist’s lecture at 7 pm in KAB 111.

October 30
Guest Lecture: Denis Roussel
7:00 pm, KAB 111
Denis Roussel, Photographer

December 4
Vertigo A-GoGo: A Night of Performance Art
6:30 pm

December 11 – 20
BFA Group Exhibition
Opening Reception on December 11 at 7:00 pm.