Privacy and Release Form :  UF-AAUP Grievance Processing


In asking United Faculty to represent me in grievance procedures of the Master Agreement, I understand it is my duty to provide full and complete information related to the grievance issue to the best of my ability.  I agree to allow my UF-AAUP representative to view my evaluation and personnel files (which the administration has full access to). I understand that the grievance committee will discuss my case. If my case is discussed outside the grievance committee in the central/executive committee, my name will not be used and the meeting will be conducted in executive session.

I understand that my UF-AAUP representative is not an attorney and that UF encourages faculty to consult with private legal counsel for information on other remedies that may be available under state or federal law. 

I understand that the filing and processing of a grievance on my behalf does not commit the United Faculty to arbitrating the grievance with the Board of Regents.

I will read the relevant section(s) of the Master Agreement and adhere to the timelines to the best of my ability. 



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