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Trivia contest

Military and Veteran Student Services (MVSS) and the UNI Veterans Association (UNIVA) is sponsoring a trivia contest. Stop in at the center Monday through Friday and answer a trivia question; questions will change daily. Each question is worth various points and the person with the most points on March 31 will win a prize package worth $50. The contest is open to students, faculty and staff; no purchase necessary.

Chinese On Rice Board

The UNI Chinese Language and Culture Association workshop will teach participants who to write a message, draw a Chinese style picture or use artistic imagination on a  durable and displayable rice board. Rice board, markers and charcoal will be provided.

Introspect meeting

A new student organization, Introspect, will have an inaugural meeting. The organization's goal is to assist students in personal development: knowing themselves, setting purpose and living intentionally. Pizza will be provided.


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