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De-Stress Days

Stress relieving activities during finals week will include free mini massages, walk the labyrinth, puppies, arts and crafts, free hot chocolate and tea, coloring and more.

Global Alumni Panel

A panel of former international and U.S. UNI students will describe how their experiences living, studying and working in a different culture,
other than their own, have helped them to gain advantage in their post-college professional and personal lives.

LGBT(ea) Time: Anti-Trans and Anti-Black Violence

The first LGBT(ea) Time, co-hosted by Black Student Union, will focus on anti-trans and anti-Black violence, as well as intersections of race and gender identity as they relate to Trans Day of Remembrance. Student leaders will speak and there will be time for group discussion and self-reflection. The event is open to anyone, but allies to LGBTQ+ students and students of color are encouraged to participate. Feel free to bring your lunch.

Veterans Day Program

Everyone is invited to a program on Veterans Day in front of the UNI Military and Veteran Honor Photo Exhibit. It will be a time for reflection, camaraderie and support for those who are an important part of the UNI family. The program will be hosted by UNI Military and Veteran Student Services.

African craft night

In many African cultures, beads have played an important role in the lives of Africans by creating string of beads that promote identity and personality, as well as status. Participants will learn about how different cultures in Africa use beads in everyday life.

Our Curse: A Short Film

Join UNI Dance Marathon for a film screening and personal account of raising a child with a rare, life threatening disease. Froyum Roise, sociology, anthropology and criminology, will talk about her experience as a mother of a child diagnosed with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (C.C.H.S).


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