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Center for Multicultural Education

Guest Lecture: John Iceland

John Iceland, Head of the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Penn State University, will lecture on his book Poverty in America: A Handbook.  Attendees will learn more about the trends, patterns, and causes of poverty in the United States.  A book signing reception will immediately follow the lecture.  

CME Book Club: "Place, not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America"

Place, not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America by Sheryll Cashin advocates that affirmative action, as it is currently practiced, does little to help disadvantaged people. She proposed suggestions to fix this, which attendees will be able to hear more about from Cashin during the discussion. Reading the book is not required to attend and participate.

Guest Lecture: Sheryll Cashin

Sheryll Cashin, professor of law at Georgetown University, will lecture on her book Place, not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America. Attendees will learn more about affirmative action, reimagining the concept so that it helps people of all backgrounds.There will be a book signing reception immediately following the lecture.

Documentary Screening: "JFK Like No Other"

"JFK Like No Other" will be screened in recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The documentary showcases the life of one of the nation’s most beloved and mourned leaders and takes a fresh look at JFK’s career as a congressman, U.S. Senator and president. The documentary is 240 minutes; feel free to stop by the CME at your conveience to catch a glimpse of the film in memory of our fallen president.  

Angela Davis: "Finding Your Way: Organizing for Social Change and Human Rights"

Angela Davis, civil and women's rights icon, will deliver a lecture titled "Finding Your Way: Organizing for Social Change and Human Rights." Davis is also the keynote speaker for the Annual Conference on Human Rights, sponsored by the Waterloo Commission on Human Rights. Davis will sit on a panel discussing her lecture and what lies ahead for young and older activists on Friday, Nov. 8.


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