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Reza Aslan - The Future of the New Middle East

In this eye opening talk, Reza Aslan, a world-renowned expert on the Middle East, talks about the historical and societal shifts in this part of the world. A new generation of youth are clamoring for their rights and freedoms -- and they drastically outnumber their elders. Seventy-five percent of the population of the Middle East is under the age of 35 and 50 percent is under the age of 25. The young, educated and politically motivated youth in places like Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and beyond have a new vision -- one that represents their values, not the values of the generation that preceded them. What motivates the Muslim youth of today? What will the new Middle East look like? How will these sudden regime changes affect the world's economic and political climate? Aslan unravels the complexities of the new Middle East and shows what the future holds for this part of the world.

Panther Speakers Webinar: "Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media Marketing"

Matthew Wilson, instructor in marketing, presents "Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media Marketing." Social media allows individuals to create a comprehensive personal brand online that HR departments are increasingly taking note of in the hiring process. Learn how you can take advantage of social networks to build your digital presence. Create your personal brand, connect with influencers and successfully engage with professionals in your industry.


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