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Executive Vice President and Provost

Introduction to Robotics

Campers will form teams to design and build Lego EV3 robots. Team members will work together programming their robots to solve a variety of simulated problems. For boys and girls with no previous through beginner level robotics and programming experience. This camp will build programming, design, and problem solving skills in an exciting and fun environment.

Lights, Action, Magic!

Explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the understanding of magic. This camp is designed for 4th through 9th grade campers who have communication disorders, learning disabilities, or are considered at-risk/low literacy learners. Activities will include demonstrations of magic (discrepant events) that piques the campers’ curiosity and on-campus field trips such as visiting the botanical center. Magic activities will be demonstrated followed by counselors leading campers through steps to be able to explain and demonstrate the magic and the STEM concepts to others. Magic and field trip activities will utilize reading, writing, and theater to retain information learned. On Friday, each team of campers will demonstrate their favorite activity and explain how it works to an audience.


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