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Executive Vice President and Provost

Rock the Stacks

The UNI Museum will host "Rock the Stacks!," the second concert in the series featuring Clayton Ryan, Ladyspade and Amelia and Melina. This concert is part of the current exhibit "Ballroom Bash: Iowa's Rock 'n' Roll Legacy." Stop by, rock out and learn more about how Iowa has rocked through the decades. 

Family Weekend at Rod Library

Visit the Rod Library with your families on Family Weekend to enjoy these great activities: "Vinyl Friday" on a Saturday, listen to rock 'n' roll selections on vinyl in the Fine and Performing Arts Collection (4th floor); for kids of all ages (including actual children): self-directed activities and story sharing in the Youth Collection (3rd floor); coloring and Lego building in the Makerspace, room 286.

"A Continent Divided: Europe and Its Refugee Crisis

Michael Luick-Thrams will present an eyewitness account of the varied responses, in the spring and summer of 2015, by Germans to the arrival in their country of more than a million refugees fleeing war, poverty and ecological disaster. He will discuss Germany’s postwar history with refugees, the political consequences of Angela Merkel’s refugee policies and the implications for the United States as we struggle with refugee issues.

"Schindler's List on the Prairie: Iowans' Response to the Holocaust as It Unfolded"

Michael Luick-Thrams will present an overview of the many ways that Iowans were connected to and responded to the Holocaust and an exploration of the lessons of Iowa’s response to the Holocaust for our world today. A short film on the Scattergood Hostel near West Branch, which offered a haven for refugees from Nazi Germany, will be shown. 

Listening forum with legislators

Join your neighbors and elected officials for a listening forum with individuals who work, care for, and/or live on the autism spectrum. People on the spectrum are our brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers. Integrated into our schools, workplaces, churches and families, they confront us with a new and broader undersanding of what is “normal” or typical.  The forum is free and open to the public.

Where Are We Now

New York City actor Andrew Duff will share his personal journey, "Where Are We Now," which involves living with autism and the prospect of being 'better' in a normal society. A panel disucssion will follow. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Deaf Community panel

Members of the Cedarloo Deaf community will be on a panel. Panelists will include those who have grown up deaf, grew up a hearing Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA) and a speaker from Deaf Iowans Against Abuse (DIAA). Admission is $10 for non-ASL Club member; free admission for children 10 years or younger.


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