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Executive Vice President and Provost

Immigration Forum: A Conversation about Immigration in Iowa

The forum will feature a moderated discussion about immigration issues in Iowa. Panelists include Ali Alnasser, UNI international student; Miryam Antúnez de Mayolo, immigration attorney; Edis Beganovic, Bosnian immigrant; Brook Boehmler, Hampton mayor; Juan Carlos Castillo and Elise DuBord, languages and literatures; and Tony Thompson, Black Hawk County sheriff. There will be a Q&A session. Refreshments will be served. Open to the public.

The Pedagogical Role of Evidence in Changing Students’ Minds

Ron Rinehart, educational psychology and foundations, will talk about developing techniques for examining students’ prior conceptions and look at the range of potential psychological responses to belief inconsistent information. Participants will engage with a flexible scaffold that strongly promotes evidence-based argumentation and can be used with a range of topics from the sciences to the humanities.

Diversity Colloquium: “Serving our Community, While Learning: Service-Learning and Professional Development at UNI”

Lazarus Adua, sociology, anthropology and criminology, and students in the public policy and evaluation class will discuss their parnership with House of Hope, which runs a two-year transitional home for single mothers. Students developed evaluation instruments (e.g. take-in, process, and outcome) for House of Hope that can be used over a long period of time. House of Hope benefits by having ways to evaluate their services effectively, and students benefit by being engaged in their local communit, and learning essential skills that will assist them in their future careers.

Teach UNI Project: “Strengthening Resiliency in the First-Year-Only Classroom”

Abbylynn Helgevold, philosophy and world religions, will discuss strategies used in her first year-only humanities sections in the fall of 2016 to develop student awareness of the link between a growth mindset and resiliency and to assignments that encourage students to think about other ways to strengthen resiliency.

How Technology and Collaboration Created a Unique Advising Opportunity

Facilitators Raquel Zuniga and Farah Kashef, College of Education, will discuss a unique advising system available through eLearning. This system augments the COE freshman adviser’s delivery system of information, making all things advising (plans of studies, program admission requirements, graduation checklist and more) accessible to students 24/7. In a sense, it works in part like an electronic advising portfolio that will follow students until graduation.

Politics in the Classroom: Teaching in Challenging Times

The 2016 election exposed particularly deep divisions between people in the United States. Disagreements about the meaning and importance of gender, class, regionalism, race and religion were - and continue to be - front and center in the news, on college campuses and maybe even in our classrooms. Join panelists to hear how they discuss controversy and politics in the classroom. All are welcome.


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