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Executive Vice President and Provost

Oh, The Places You'll Go! - Earth and Environmental Science Opportuntiies

Chad Heinzel, associate professor of Earth and Environmental Science, will highlight the many ways UNI students have learned from the past, engaged in the present and building a promising future. The seminar will revisit recent Earth Science extended field trips, identify learning opportunities and investigate the developing careers of recent graduates.

Jackson Katz guest lecture- "More Than a Few Good Men"

Jackson Katz is an educator, anti-sexist male activist, social theorist, author and filmmaker. He holds a Master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus in the social construction of violent masculinities through sports and media. He holds a Ph. D. in cultural studies and education from UCLA. Katz has dedicated his life to gender violence prevention.  He developed the gender violence prevention program, Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), at the Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society in 1993. The MVP program serves to empower both males and females from all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation backgrounds to become leaders and teaches the skills needed to build positive environments in schools, businesses and communities.

The evening lecture will give an opportunity for many students and faculty who have trained and/or educated in the MVP model to hear Katz lecture live on the development and impact of the model. Three student organizations have applied for funding to support the visit: Masters in Social Work Student Association: UNI Supporters of the United States Army, Sigma Phi Epsilon, a men’s fraternity that has been very engaged with CVP initiatives.

Earth Science Seminar: Muddied Waters--Examining Iowa's Policies and Practices

Jorgen Rose, political science major, will discuss Iowa's public policies and water pollution.  

Abstract: Clean, usable fresh water is a precious and valuable resource, but it is one that we often mistreat and misuse. In particular, surface water is extremely vulnerable to human actions and influences; nowhere is this more apparent than in agricultural states like Iowa, where nonpoint-source pollution (runoff) has a dramatic effect on our rivers, lakes, and streams. However, despite this continuing decline in the quality of Iowa’s water, there exists very little public policy aimed at dealing with the problems of nutrient contamination and other forms of nonpoint-source pollution. Furthermore, what policy does exist is either ineffective or insufficient. The goal of this research was to attempt to discern why this gap in Iowa’s public policy exists. By examining current and historical factors associated with policymaking in Iowa, it was possible to gain a detailed understanding of why such a lack of effective and sufficient policy exists today. Operating on the assumption that in order to fix a problem it is first necessary to accurately comprehend what is wrong, this research identified two broad “primary culprits” behind the lack of effective policy in Iowa: economics and culture. And although much research has been done into various facets of this topic before, a holistic, wide-angle view of the problem both proved most appropriate for accurately assessing the problem and more effective at providing for policy implications that might have otherwise been missed.

László Fassang, organ

Visiting artist László Fassang will present an organ recital. Fassang is Professor of Organ at the legendary Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary. He will present a program featuring works by Franz Liszt and others especially suited to the Jebe Organ. This event is free and open to the public. 

Corpus Trombone Quartet

Visiting ensemble Corpus Trombone Quartet will present a recital. The Corpus Trombone Quartet (András Sütő, Péter Pálinkás, Mátyás Veér, Róbert Káip) epitomize the highest standards of Hungarian playing, featuring musicianship and technique in equal abundance. Formed in 2001, when the members were students at the Franz Liszt Academy, the ensemble has won numerous chamber music competitions including the Philip Jones International Chamber Music and ITF Trombone Quartet Competitions in 2003, as well as making numerous appearances on Hungarian radio and television. Founding member Csaba Wagner has since gone on to become Principal Bass Trombone with Deutsche Oper, Berlin, whilst Mátyás Veér released his own solo CD in 2006, as well as winning the Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone competition at the 2006 ITF. This event is free and open to the public. 

Michael Krajewski, guitar

Visiting artist Michael Krajewski, guitar will present a recital. Michael J. Krajewski earned his Bachelors of Music at Berklee College of Music (1998) in Professional Music and Master of Music at Georgia State University (2007) in Jazz Studies, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree with a secondary area in Music Education at the University of Minnesota (2013). Michael is on the guitar faculty at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, and maintains an active private studio in Woodbury, MN. This event is free and open to the public.


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