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Executive Vice President and Provost

Hot Topics in Education - College of Education Free Webinar

The College of Education will offer a free webinar for educators entitled "A Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching." This webinar will introduce participants to the theory of culturally responsive teaching. Participants will also explore elements for creating a culturally responsive classroom. Special emphasis will be given to the power of caring, culture and communication, cooperation and competition, classroom discipline and connecting home and school. To register, visit

Hot Topics in Education - College of Education Free Webinars

The College of Education will offer a free webinar for educators entitled "Exercise and the Brain: New Research on how Exercise Sparks Learning Mood." The webinar will address how we, as the human animal, were designed as a physical creature capable of incredible physical tasks. Due to the modern conveniences afforded to our culture, we have taken on a sedentary lifestyle, with very little physical outlets. We have also seen the increase in mental health problems over the last 40 years, and the decline of youth test scores. New research shows a link to the lack of exercise and chemical imbalances in the brain. Learn how exercise holds keys to our intelligence and mental well-being. To register, visit

Hot Topics in Education - College of Education Free Webinars

The College of Education will offer a free webinar for educators "Research and Reform in Elementary School Science." The webinar will address research on improved practices for all students, followed by specific reference to practices that address the unique needs of students with disabilities. The second phase of the presentation will show hands-on science curriculum material that integrates vocabulary development with observation in examining physical properties of objects. The third element will illustrate the application of inquiry learning with young children and will include video and pictures of children engaged in scientific inquiry. To register, visit

UNI Concert Chorale, Women's Chorus & Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra

The UNI Concert Chorale and Women's Chorus, under the direction of Dyan Meyer, will offer a shared fall concert with the Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rebecca Burkhardt. Honoring the memory of ten years since 9/11, the concert will feature a special performance of the piece "On the Transmigration of Souls" by John Adams and is part of the Reaching for Higher Ground series for 2011-2012. This event is free and open to the public.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP): Train the Trainer Institute

What is the "Train the Trainer" Institute?

The MVP Institute is a two-day, leadership training designed for educators and service providers along with their community partners who desire to integrate the MVP model into their respective programming. The Institute consists of two phases.  In Phase I, individuals go through the training as participants and in Phase II, participants practice facilitating the MVP curriculum and create MVP implementation plans. The MVP curriculum is broken into four educational units:  battery, gender roles, alcohol and consent, and sexual harassment.  Upon completion of the Institute, participants are certified to utilize MVP with their direct service population.  Go to: to download registration form.

Who Should Attend the "Train the Trainer" Institute?

This hands-on, two-day workshop is designed for faculty and staff who are interested in knowing more about bullying and gender violence prevention and how to incorporate knowledge and skills associated with bystander education into their respective course offerings, orientations and departmental trainings.  Community professionals and prevention specialists are also invited to attend.


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