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Executive Vice President and Provost

Artist Series: Camelot

Recount the time-honored legend of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table in an enchanting fable of chivalry in this four-time Tony Award® winning musical. When Queen Guinevere and the dashing Sir Lancelot, King Arthur’s most trusted knight, give in to their passion for one another, one of the most fabled love triangles of all time ensues. Intimate and fresh, never has this story of passion, pageantry and betrayal been more captivating.

Artist Series: Beatrice Rana

Van Cliburn silver medalist Rana drew attention during the competition for her “intensely personalized music-making” (Dallas Morning News). This performance style, with its intensity and rich interpretation, also earned the Van Cliburn Audience Award, given to the competition’s audience favorite. This remarkable artist delivers a performance that is both “a virtuoso workout and an exercise in far-flung poetic expression” (Washington Times).

In a unique stage setup, the audience will experience chamber music as it's meant to be experienced. On-stage seating will be limited.

Concert talk at 6:45 p.m.

CROW Forum

Danielle McGeough, assistant professor of communication studies, will present "Pots and Purity: Performing the Domestic Goddess in the 19th Century." Faculty, staff, students and the public are welcome.

CROW Forum

Marybeth Stalp, professor of sociology, will present "Of Course the Domestic Can Also Be Feminist: Complicating Femininity, Feminism, and the Domestic Arts." Faculty, staff, students and the public are welcome.

WCF Symphony Concert featuring UNI's Midwest International Piano Competition winner

An experiment in concertgoing, this program will be revealed at the performance itself. We have a few hints for you, though: a surprise (and surprising) scherzo by up-and-comer Ted Hearne, a major piano concerto with the winner of UNI’s Midwest International Piano Competition and an orchestral classic chosen by you at our April 2014 preview concert (Tchaikovsky 6, Firebird, Shostakovich 10 or Sheherazade).

Guest Lecture: Critical Studies of Religion Fosters Inter-Religious Understanding: An Academic Experiment in India

Thomas Thangeraj, professor emeritus, Emory University, will present "Critical Studies of Religion Fosters Inter-Religious Understanding: An Academic Experiment in India." During the last 30 years, universities in India have established departments of religion which study religion from an academic point of view. This lecture will explore the extent to which this study might be promoting inter-religious understanding and harmony in India.


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