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Executive Vice President and Provost

CROW Forum: A Story of Relationship as a Strategy for Racial Battle Fatigue

The second of this year's Current Research on Women and Gender (CROW) events features Victoria DeFrancisco and Melissa Payne will presenting "A Story of Relationship as a Strategy for Racial Battle Fatigue." Race relations in the United States continue to be a real issue that has challenged people’s attempts to enter into authentic relationships. In our presentation and book chapter we share the ways in which two people found the courage to continue to reach for authentic relationship in the midst of personal and institutional struggles against racism. Our presentation is intended to share our story, but also to empower others to reach for authentic relationships in their lives. CROW events are free and open to the public.

Help! My Students Won’t Talk in Class!: Strategies for Productive Class Discussions

Susan Hill will facilitate "Help! My Students Won’t Talk in Class!: Strategies for Productive Class Discussions." What does a good class discussion look like? How do we help facilitate discussions and keep them going? This session focuses on strategies that will help you and your students create effective classroom discussions.


How to Teach in an Age of Distraction

Faculty panelists Elaine Eshbaugh, Fabio Fontana, Kimberly Cline-Brown, Stephanie Logan and Jason Vetter will discuss "How do we—should we—think about, and use, technology, both in and out of the classroom, with and without our students?"  The discussion will be based on a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education by Sherry Turkle titled "How To Teach in an Age of Distraction.” Turkle teaches at MIT and has written numerous books and articles on the psychology of human interaction with technology. Join panelists in a conversation about how to best teach in an age of distraction. Find a copy of the article here

We the People: Trust in Public Discourse

Bill Clohesy, professor of philosophy, will present “’We the People’: Trust in Public Discourse.” Freedom of religion and secular government are inseparable in the American republic.  This talk explores the Constitution’s secular promise of respect for both politics and religion—if we choose to accept it. Today, numerous opponents would undo both secular republican government and respect for religious diversity. Our greatest defense is still to practice politics as the exchange of opinion upon which all true government rests. For more information, contact Martha Reineke at

Islam in Iowa: An American Story

Cara Burnidge, assistant professor of religion, will present “Islam in Iowa: An American Story.” This lecture will tell the story of Islam in America, giving special attention to Islam in Iowa. Like many native and naturalized citizens, Muslims around the world viewed the United States as a place of opportunity and freedom from religious persecution. Iowa, in particular, provided such opportunities for Muslim immigrants, which is why it is home to the oldest mosque in the United States, the Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids. For more information, contact Martha Reineke at


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