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Executive Vice President and Provost

Flipped and Blended Presentations

Flipping through My Journey

Facilitator: Katheryn East, Educational Psychology and Foundations

How can flipping affect our teaching? East will discuss learning more about flipping has affected her teaching. She’ll discuss some considerations and thoughts about flipping, including definitions of the flipped classroom, benefits, and constraints.

Benefits of a Flipped and Blended Education Methods Class

Facilitator: Denise Tallakson, Curriculum & Instruction

Do you want more time for project based learning in your class?  Flipped and blended learning can help. In this session, strategies that encouraged more experiential learning in an arts integration methods course will be discussed.

Open Textbooks: Opportunities in transformative learning and student success

Join Sarah Cohen, managing director of the Open Textbook Network (launched by the University of Minnesota), for a presentation on the potential of open textbooks in advancing excellence in teaching, learning, student success, and scholarly publishing.  She will outline the role open education and open textbooks play in addressing the crisis in higher education affordability, and share ways to overcome barriers to adoption of open textbooks that benefit students, and sustain and support the mission of the university.  Co-sponsored by, Rod Library, the CETL and the Provost’s Office.

What Makes a “Good and Effective Professor”?

In September, Inside Higher Education published “How to Be a Good and Effective Professor,” a list of 22 items the authors deemed important for the daily work of being a professor. Join your colleagues for a discussion of their top three picks. Check out the article here

Panelists: John Burnight, Philosophy and World Religions; Rusty Guay, Management; Kris Mack, SAC; and  Jim O’Loughlin, Languages and Literatures.


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