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Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture: "Invention through Form and Function Analogy: Strategies for Generating Creative Ideas"

Audrey Rule, professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, will present "Invention through Form and Function Analogy: Strategies for Generating Creative Ideas."

State and national economies depend upon innovations and inventions. Many inventors draw ideas from nature, connecting natural forms (colors, shapes, configurations, textures) to their functions. A brief overview of Rule’s book "Invention through Form and Function Analogy" (with explanation of how to obtain a free copy) will be followed by participants using card sets to generate new ideas for improving simple product. Bring your lunch; cookies will be provided.

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture: "African American Voices of the Cedar Valley"

Joyce Chen, associate professor of communication studies,  will present "African American Voices of the Cedar Valley."

Although the African-American population in Iowa is small at 2.9%, they make up about 15.5% in Waterloo and 8.9% in Black Hawk County. African-Americans have continued to pursue recognition for their contributions to the economic development, cultural richness, social awareness and political justice in Iowa. This presentation focuses on the history of early African-American migrations to the Cedar Valley. Bring your lunch; cookies will be provided.

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture: "A Big Data Approach to Measuring News Media Reliance on the Press Release"

Sergey Golitsynskiy, assistant professor, Communication Studies will speak on A Big Data Approach to Measuring News Media Reliance on the Press Release.”  Golitsynskiy will discuss the results of two studies addressing the use of public relations content in news media, an issue that has been prominent in journalism scholarship for at least a century, yet has not been investigated sufficiently due to methodological challenges. Golitsynskiy will share his experience using a computational approach to tackle such challenges by constructing and analyzing a very large data set of press releases and relevant news coverage. His results suggest that news media delivers reasonably impartial content, which contradicts opinions often voiced in journalism literature. However, the use of computation also lead to a discovery of a "smoking gun" – a striking example of PR influence on the media.

Beyond Your Bachelor's: UNI Graduate Programs Open House

Beyond Your Bachelor's UNI Graduate Programs Open House, sponsored by the Graduate College and Continuing and Distance Education, will showcase the UNI graduate programs available on-campus and at a distance. Graduate program faculty will provide information and answer questions about their programs. Information on support services, such as financial aid will be available.

Though not required, please RSVP to receive further event details, including parking. To RSVP visit


Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture: "Dynamic Classroom Motivation: Helping Learners Visualize Their Possible Selves"

Tammy Gregersen, associate professor, Languages and Literatures, presentation explores how a learner's motivation interacts with other emotional and psychological variables in ever-fluctuating, moment-by-moment ways and how teachers might capitalize on their learners' future visions of themselves. The session will start with a discussion on the dynamics of motivation and move towards classroom ideas that tap into learners' potential. At the conclusion there will be examples of Gregersen's research observations and motivational outcomes. 

Graduate College Faculty Showcase

The Graduate College Faculty Showcase will feature presentations by regular summer fellowship and PDA recipients. Oral presentations will be from 3-4 p.m. in 115 Seerley Hall; poster presentations and refreshments will be from 4-5 p.m., in the Great Reading Room, Seerley Hall. The program, including oral presentation times and abstracts can be viewed on the Graduate College website.

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series: "A Stranglehold on Power: Explaining gubernatorial stability in Iowa”

Chris Larimer, department of political science, will present "A Stranglehold on Power: Explaining gubernatorial stability in Iowa." Since 1962, only two incumbent governors in Iowa have lost their reelection bids. Despite their long tenures, Governors Robert Ray, Terry Branstad and Tom Vilsack, all faced formidable challengers along the way, and all three retained office while dealing with serious declines in the state’s economy. This research seeks to gain a better understanding of gubernatorial stability in Iowa; in short, why modern Iowa governors are continually reelected despite what political science models say should happen.

Bring your lunch; cookies will be provided.

Attending a Professional Conference Workshop

Attending a professional conference allows you to present your work to faculty and colleagues, build your resume or CV, network,and receive field-related experience outside of the classroom. Come and learn the benefits of attending conferences, preparation suggestions, tips on networking, and resources for more information. There will also be a recent conference attendee available to answer any other questions about conferences.


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