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Women's and Gender Studies

CROW Forum: "Trans-ing the Gothic: How Trans Plots, Genres, and Characters Trouble the Gothic Novel"

Jolene Zigarovich, Languages and Literatures, is the presenter for this forum. Her recent book publications include 'Writing Death and Absence in the Victorian Novel:  Engraved Narratives' and she is editor of 'Sex and Death in Eighteenth-Century Literature' and the forthcoming 'TransGothic in Literature and Culture.' Her current work in progress examines death and the popularity of the eighteenth-century novel.

CROW Forum: "Towards an Ethics of Care: Ecofeminism, Taxidermy, and Animal Portraiture in Contemporary Art"

Elizabeth Sutton, art department, is the presenter for this forum. She has published 'Capitalism and Cartography in the Dutch Golden Age' and 'Early Modern Dutch Prints of Africa .' Her book 'Art, Animals, and Experience: Human Relationships to Nature' is forthcoming from Routledge.

Lessons from History: The Unintended Consequences of American Intervention Around the Globe

Elizabeth Becker, an award-winning author and journalist, will speak about the history of Cambodia, the Cambodian civil war and genocide under the Pol Pot regime, and the aftermath of that war. She will also address the broader topic of unintended consequences of American intervention around the world. Becker has covered national and international affairs as a Washington correspondent at The New York Times and Washington Post. 


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